Mess is fun & clean is boring

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A girl’s life is divided into two main chapters. Chapter One-before baby. Chapter two-after baby. And the lessons learned from a baby are indeed enlightening.

Before a baby enters into our world we are organized, neat, follow a schedule, establish a routine. In the mundane lifestyle, we get so used to looking at things in a particular way we think its wrong if we turn things from their existing state of being.

And babies…they learn exactly in the path that we never venture -by turning things upside down, breaking, banging, tearing. Once you understand how much babies enjoy “mess”; because that’s the only way they are continually learning. And maybe that’s the way we ought to remain our entire life — continually learning. Learning from the mess around us.

Every activity of a baby is an attempt at understanding his/her surrounding, making sense of how things work and don’t work, guessing how similar things might work in a different setup — that’s a massive leap of faith- in a babies world.

For example, a baby’s mealtime. I always despised the mess on and around a baby during mealtime; food around their mouth, on their hands, on their dress and all over the table.

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