Murphy’s law to our rescue


Does it happen to you? Exactly the moment(or eventually!)you feel things are going fine — the worst happens. And why is it that only the anxiety of the worst possibility becomes the reality? Why do our best dreams often remain a fantasy and not the reality that we love to live in?! When you know you are in the prime of your health and the next day you have a sore throat and before you realize the flu has already caught up. When you are content that your kid eats well, sleeps peacefully and doesn’t throw much tantrum; the same night kiddo has a rough night, throws up a tantrum of a lifetime. You curse yourself for thinking how well things were going on.

Maybe that’s how the expression “think of the devil and the devil appears” came by! We tend to be cautious of uttering the wrong word for god forbid it comes true!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if what we fear the most never happens and what we love the most always happens?! On second thoughts, that way maybe life will get too predictable and boring. Anxiety, pressure and sometimes fear have a way of channelizing our thoughts and focussing our mind in getting things done which would otherwise get procrastinated.

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