Our Increasingly Vicarious Life…

Our Increasingly Vicarious Life…

Maybe it was for the worst that smartphones were invented for. Phones should never have been able to connect to the internet 24×7.

I cant believe that just a decade ago most of us used to pick our phones only when it rang or when we had to call someone. Now, as the innocent little phone grew to be a evergrowing big ‘smart’phone, it has only engulfed us under its powerful spell of ‘countless apps’. So much so that our eyes refuse to focus on anything else but that rectangular screen. Even if we slip and fall down our instinctive reaction is to check for any scratches or damages to THE smartphone; and not if we hurt ourselves!

Parenting in this age is getting tough and challenging with the advent of technologies that are newer, sleeker, sexier avatars of their previous versions and that are hard to keep our eyes and hands off them.(….)

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Even during vacations it is our cameras that manage to live the moment and capture it when we couldn’t let our eyes go astray and get struck by nature’s beauty. Just like a involuntary sneeze or scratching an itch, picking our phone to click a picture and sharing it across social media platforms is fast getting into an highly uncontrollable, instinctive act.

What this bubble attention span does to our/is doing to our relationships is fascinating study for a psychology thesis; yet annoyingly hurting for the person at the receiving end. (…)

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