Do we need religion going forward?!

Do we need religion going forward?!

Religion must be like your most fav brand of clothing — that carries your size, fits you perfectly, blends with your attitude and makes you feel comfortable.

Just because a brand doesn’t suit you doesn’t mean it is awful and not up to the standards.Isn’t?! What it does mean is, perhaps you have to look for other brands that might suit you. Also, would you gift someone a dress that wouldn’t suit them or force them to wear it against their wishes?! I guess not.

Lastly, would we like to be judged at every level based on the brands we choose to wear?! Well,Definitely not!

That brand my friend is your religion. Either you were was born into it or you chose it.

With the increasing unrest in our world in the name of religion and innocent lives(mostly children and women)being wiped out in thousands in the fight over supremacy of a religion; am forced to think if the religion upon which we base our belief, faith, hope, happiness and ultimately our identity is becoming more of a burden, that we are dragging along and that drags us behind; rather than enable us to grow, improve and flourish as a broad-minded, compassionate intellect.

Now, the irony is that every religious text more or less conveys the same good deeds to be performed by a human, the right meaningful way to lead life, the need and the necessity to be selfless and compassionate. Justifying extremist actions(usually for personal benefits)on religious texts amounts to foolishness and any act of false interpretation of the sacred texts, it’s propagation must be severely punished.

Unfortunately we are living in a time where being pious just isn’t enough. Even if you are a atheist, agnostic or pantheist choosing neither to defend fellow humans in their suffering nor to stand up against the persecutors; means you are pretty much content with the world just revolving around your needs, likes and dislikes or that you have completely lost hope in humanity and in turn a better future for you and your future generations.

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