YouTube Director App

YouTube Director App

YouTube has over a billion users and with that many potential customers in one medium, there could be no better forum for businesses to advertise themselves. With the advent of YouTube video ads came the flood of advertisements from big and small businesses alike. When businesses can go from local to global markets within seconds; the importance of a relevant, high quality video ad grows multifold.

While big corporations can afford to hire their own advertising team and spend big bucks to generate awesome video ads, small to medium scale businesses or individuals cannot afford to do so. Hence, to make YouTube a level playing field for businesses to connect with their customers through video advertising, YouTube released the ‘YouTube Director App’ on Jun 15, 2016, simplifying the process of making a HD video ad to a 3-5 step process right from the comforts of your smartphone.

Once you chose a template, for example ‘Short owner story’, you’ll be guided to a screen with 5 helpful questionnaire/shots that help you in making your video. ‘What do you do and why you love your job?’, ‘how long have you been working in your field?’, ‘what makes your day-to-day work at your business fulfilling?’, ‘encourage viewers to stop by or get in touch’, ‘add a title card with your contact info’. The placement of each of these shots can be rearranged anytime before publishing. You can even chose to add additional text  and background score to your video.

Additionally, if you do decide to hire a professional filmmaker to shoot and edit your ad, the ‘YouTube Director Onsite’ enables you to do just that for FREE(provided your business spends at least $150 to advertise on YouTube). YouTube has rolled out this service only in Washington D.C, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, LA and SFO for now. In case, your business is an app, ‘YouTube Director automated video’ creates a video from the logos and app screenshots in google play store/app store too!

Filming, advertising and publishing just got quick and easy! Try it to believe it! 🙂

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