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The new stress buster — Adult coloring books!

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One day as I walked into Barnes and Noble and checked out the New Arrivals section, a very colorful book caught my attention. When I found out it was a coloring book, I thought I’ll buy one for my 7-year-old niece who loves to draw, color and paint. Upon close examination, I was surprised to find out that they are a new line of coloring books exclusively for adults!

I thought any stress relieving activity concerning adults involved sports, music, dance, painting and reading books. But, coloring and adults have never been equaled. EVER. Coloring and children, definitely yes!

Upon googling, I came to know that adult coloring books are the most recent fad and obsession that’s catching up like wildfire among adults. It is being portrayed more as a therapeutic activity in the lines of meditation and self-calming technique.

There is a coloring book in every category imaginable, to cater to the diverse interests of the adult population. The following are some very popular categories.

Pattern coloring books:


Mandala coloring books:


Architecture coloring books, Travel coloring books, Japanese coloring books, Animal coloring books, Coloring books for cat lovers/dog lovers, Floral coloring books, Science coloring books, Artwork coloring books, History coloring books, Fantasy coloring books, Fashion coloring books, Holiday coloring books, Halloween coloring books, Christmas coloring books, Valentine’s Day coloring books, Color your favorite TV & movie characters and the list never ends!

Grab your favorite genre or grab any coloring book off the nearest shelf and start coloring. Oh! And did I tell you can even start a ‘coloring club’ in your community because there is nothing more relaxing than hanging out with a group of like-minded individuals & coloring together? If you do come up with some exciting/funny/weird names for your club, do share them in the comments!;)

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