Design Flaws in the Human body

Design Flaws in the Human body

As women, the biggest complaint that our species has ever had is perhaps why we were designed to have menstrual cycles every month of our most productive period on earth just for a couple of childbirth events; while the male life goes uninterrupted by any bodily changes?!

Childbirth itself hasn’t evolved too unlike in animals where they are able to deliver on their own. The width of a women’s pelvis hasn’t changed or evolved to deliver the varying size of babies accordingly. Some futurist technologists predict that in the future couples would prefer fusing the egg and sperm in the laboratory and taking home a baby just like in the case of a test-tube baby!

Now, the only complaint the male species could probably register is why on earth must their reproductive organs be hanging outside the body and vulnerable to injuries rather than being inside the body like a women’s reproductive system?! Science explains that this is because sperms need to be at a much lower temperature than body’s internal temperature to stay inactive and wearing out early until their journey for the race of procreation begins.

The wisdom teeth has single handedly created havoc in the life of millions of humans by either popping up too late or getting stuck while popping due to lack of space or just painfully impacted in the gums refusing to pop! Why the hell hasn’t our wisdom tooth got extinct as we clearly don’t need its services in grinding our food for us?!

And, finally our knees. The knee has only two movements forward and backward like a hinge on a door. This makes us so vulnerable to injuries in various sports in our childhood & youth and as we grow old the knee pain is the most common ailment we have to learn to live with. If only we could replace the hinge with a ball and socket, like in our shoulders and hips; life would be so much more flexible!

God! are you even listening?! ;p

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