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Brand awareness through Facebook

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Facebook has evolved faster than anything else on the face of the earth in a span of 12 years. No matter where you walk to — hair salons, restaurants, movie halls, grocery stores, schools and many more places that you have ever stepped into, every business asks you to like them on Facebook, rate them and even offers you discount for honest reviews across social platforms!


You could see your favorite brands’ posts in your newsfeed only if you have ‘liked’ their FB page which means you are following them by default. (You can still like them yet unfollow them too! brilliant!) But in recent times, new fledgling brands are advertising their products right in your newsfeed through Facebook’s ‘sponsored ads’ feature. Hence, these days big, bulky billboard ads, FM radio ads, TV ads, magazine ads are no longer the MUST advertise places. Facebook sponsored ads have opened up a new world of advertising channel for every brand- small, medium and large corporations across the globe to reach an equally global audience. (according to the relevance of the brand)

Here are ten rather interesting brands that I discovered from my FB newsfeed.

Here’s how it works. You get to pick coupon(s)you like from the list of offers that they put up every Thursday morning, purchase them at any store and upload a photo of your receipt through their mobile app or website. When your account reaches $20.00, they send you a check. Cool idea! Haven’t tried it yet though! Do they send you a check? Comment below if you or your friends have used this service.

Freshly’s mission is to make you enjoy fresh, chef prepared, nutritious meals without having you do grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. You can choose 4,6,9 or 12 meals per week from their rotating menus. I guess it works best for single people. Nevertheless, a great idea indeed!

Blue Apron
If you have always wanted to cook different recipes from all around the world but didn’t know where to find those unique ingredients; then Blue Apron offers the perfect solution. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients in pre-measured quantities are delivered right at your doorstep.

Casper is a brand that I have tried and am very happy with the innovation & quality of their product. The one size fits all suites certain products and the bed mattress is one such product.

It is an award-winning combination of latex over memory foam that provides just the right firmness, support, and comfort for all body types and positions. No complaints whatsoever.

Stitch Fix
This is a Harvard graduate’s retail venture to relieve men and women from the hassles of shopping for clothes that are not only in trend but only suit their personality. Once a customer fills in the Stitch Fix Style Profile, their personal stylists ship five clothing items and accessories unique to their taste, budget and lifestyle. Customers buy what they like and return the rest. Very tempting indeed. Each piece is priced at $55 though. I think people would use this service much more during winter when getting ready to go shopping is often not so exciting.

A lingerie brand whose unique half cup size for bras that suit women of all body types is creating a considerable buzz in the online shopping world. Their ‘Fit Finder’ app aids in determining the perfect bra size, through a series of selfies taken on mobile camera, in which women can stay comfortable all through the day and especially during the night.
(everything said and done — underwire bras hurt!) Their ‘try for 30 days before you buy’ is the most coveting aspect of the shopping experience. They are pricey starting at $68 a piece though! But hey! If a half cup size is a price to pay for everlasting comfort and happiness; so be it.

Dollar shave club
DSC describes how it works in the best way possible on their website.
“Select one of our great blades, and we’ll send ’em right to your door every month. Your first month is $1 and ships free. Cancel Anytime.” Yup! as simple as that. Couldn’t make it make simple. DSC promo video featuring the founder of received one of the highest viewership — 23M+ views in YouTube. Check it out! Psst…a close contender in the market to DSC is Harry’s.

Book of the month club
Choose one book from 5 new selections offered every month or skip a month. Each additional book costs just $9.99. The chosen book(s) is shipped on the 7th day of every month. There is nothing more delighting than to receive a book in a box delivered at your doorstep. Well…for a book lover of course. On second thoughts…nothing beats a warm pizza delivered to your door in a box. Yummy! Especially when you are hungry;)

Nomadic notebook/wallet
The figures speak for themselves when we talk about Nomadic. Their first project on Kickstarter, the BASICS wallet, raised $171,000. Their second project on Kickstarter, the BASICS Notebook raised $383,000. Love their Mint green color line of purses and notebooks!

Ossic claims to be the world’s most advanced 3D audio headphone. This revolutionary headphone has backed $2.7M on Kickstarter so far. It is still in the pre-order phase. Shipping begins in May 2017. It is priced at $499 MSRP. $200 off if you pre-order. Hurry!

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