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I recently volunteered at a Design hackathon(createAthon) hosted by ‘BuildASign’ in association with AIGA(the professional association for design). I am very glad I got this opportunity to work with talented designers MARA FLEET, JACK PEWITT and
To present an aesthetic, modern, trustworthy outlook of the Keep Austin Fed’s website from the existing barebones, information scattered design.
The goal is to redesign user experience so it is engaging, smooth & effortless right from the beginning.
The following are 5 important issues we chose to address:
1. Need to attract more volunteers.
    – research and identify the demographic to target and social media channels to promote the image of KAF in order to attract more volunteers.
2. Build a brand image of Keep Austin Fed throughout the entire process of donating food.
    – For example, restaurants should know KAF volunteers are taking food from them and not some random individuals. The recipients should also know that KAF’s volunteers are delivering fresh food to them so that the brand gets more recognition, building trust along the way.
3. Users cannot easily register to volunteer in KAF’s website.
     – place a clearly visible CTA button to register users interested in volunteering.
4. Organizations cannot easily schedule to donate food.
    – place a clearly visible CTA button to ‘Donate’ and ‘Schedule to donate'(calendar) for organizations willing to donate & schedule regularly to donate fresh food.
5. Users don’t know who the recipients of the donated food are.
    – clearly indicating the NGO’s, organizations who are benefitting by Keep Austin Fed’s donations is very essential in building a trustworthy image KAF; hopefully attracting more volunteers to pitch in for them.
After the initial brainstorming session about Keep Austin Fed’s(KAF)
– vision,
– mission,
– pain points &

– goals we moved on to the research phase where we delved deep into the Brand overview, the demographic that is/can be targeted for volunteering opportunities and website analysis(as part of the UX audit requested by Keep Austin Fed).

We came up with each of our own idea of their Brand Values. We combined the most common words listed that could be used to clearly resonate their Brand Value.
I also performed site audits of similar websites. It helped me to develop an overall need assessment for the site I was planning to design.
> Content audit
> Competitive analysis (heuristic analysis)
Analyzing from the demographic that might have most of their time at disposal for volunteering work, we decided that senior citizens(in particular Austin’s active, hippie & eco-friendly new retirees, in addition, to stay at home parents and college students) with their daytime completely at disposal would be a huge demographic to target for volunteering.
We modeled their experiences, tasks, and mindsets to articulate the user goals & presented them as empathy maps and personas for quick, easy reference & guidance throughout the design process.
> Personas
> Moodboards
> Sketching
> Storyboards

We also proceeded to draw inspiration for new colors, photographs and typography from their website & also took a fresh look at visual elements that pronounced the significance of the involvement of passionate, selfless humans in the everyday delivery of food to our neighbors in need.

For more details, check here
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