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Why do products fail?

Amazon Fire, Windows Vista, Google plus, Samsung Note7, Facebook deals. Sometimes I wonder how such products backed by huge corporations where investments for R&D and market research run in billions fail so miserable at all? It is quite evident that the decision to launch these products wouldn't have happened in a jiffy; they release every product they think is the…

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5 must watch Indian movies on Netflix

Every year there are a handful of brilliant movies produced in India that are neither like the loud, extravagant commercial type nor the silent, slow art-film type. Movies that run purely based on the strength of the script & screenplay, passion of the director & amazing portrayal of characters. The commercial movies(read high budget movies with drama, stereotypical songs &…

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Brand awareness through Facebook

Facebook has evolved faster than anything else on the face of earth in a span of 12 years. No matter where you walk to - hair salons, restaurants, movie halls, grocery stores, schools and many more places that you have ever stepped into, every business asks you to like them on Facebook, rate them and even offers you discount for honest…

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