UX Design Researcher
  • E-MAIL:karthika78642@gmail.com
  • PHONE: (480) 414 6223
  • LOCATION: Austin, TX


Hi! I am Karthika Kasi Raju.

I am an Engineer turned Product, UX/UI Designer.

I'm a problem solver who cares about crafting products and experiences that are useful, and usable. I love designing around constraints, that challenge my creativity.

I'm currently working for Anthem Inc.(Blue Cross Blue Shield) as a User Experience Designer. Over the years, I have worked on a range of design projects from interactive educational content to enterprise-level cloud applications.

I love reading articles by John Moore Williams, Julia Zhuo, Erica Hall, and Mike Monteiro. I am inspired by their writing on design and business.

Outside of work, I enjoy folk music, improv, and outdoor group fitness camps. I believe having a sense of humor is what keeps us grounded and human.

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